About John Walsh

If you want to know my full career history check out my LinkedIN profile. Otherwise I have over twenty-five years of IT experience, mostly in Infrastructure. I am currently the Associate Director of DevOps responsible for all things Cloud at a FinTech startup in Chicago. Prior to that I spent just over 18 years at Northwestern University whereI had several roles ranging from Systems Administration to Enterprise Application Architecture to High Performance Research Computing and Storage and finally ending my time there as a Cloud Platforms Architect. I am proud of many of the things I accomplished at Northwestern, but the time for change came and I moved to a startup.

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIN. Hopefully you will find the content on this blog useful, if you do please let me know!

This blog is based on the HUGO Framework using the Anatole theme created by Alexander Bilz. The code repository is in GitHub and I am using AWS Amplify to deploy and host it. I create a Markdown post in GitHub and on a commit Amplify takes over doing the build and deployment. I wanted it to be fast, efficient and simple to update. So as more features roll into the Anatole theme I plan to introduce them here.


~ John