Do Simple Better

Fri, Mar 19, 2021 2-minute read

Wow, I had every intention of making this blog useful and helpful last summer, in fact this post was started in August of 2020 but never got committed and published. Baseball had just started up again, like it is about to now and I was thinking about Joe Maddon and the Cubs World Series win in 2016. So I guess it is better late to post this and also to continue posting what I was planning to post last summer. Here is that post

Joe Maddon was the first Chicago Cubs manager to win a World Series in over a hundred years, one of his themes for that season was to “Do Simple Better.” His words can be applied to many areas and not just Baseball, in fact I have a postcard from his former restaurant in Wriglyville, Maddon’s Post, hanging above my desk in my home office.

Do Simple Better

Working in a startup in the middle of a global pandemic have made these words my mantra. How can I simplify daily operations, reduce or maintain costs and keep innovation and the business flowing. But how can you start doing Simple Better in a Cloud World? First thing, stop trying to build things where you could consume a cloud service.

In May we were looking to setup a maven repository to host our artifacts so the obvious choice was to setup a Nexus OSS repo and run it as a docker image in ECS. WHich we did but is not keeping with the theme of Do Simple Better. So along came AWS CodeArtifact. After kicking the tires on it and seeing it would do what we needed to do, I was able to consume a service and not run one on my own. So Nexus was removed before we even got it into production. Which was a win in the long run since it is one lest service to manage, patch and upgrade. It is ok to let go and consume services, instead of running them on you own go and consume them. What is next, looking to automate the build process using CodeBuild and CodePipeline, again consume services and not patch services. Not having to worry about maintaining unneeded infrastructure frees up resources to add to high value business objectives, such as automating manual business process. Which is a good place to look at using or introducing event driven serverless architecture.